This study represents a guideline how to effectively support the energy decisions making process during the systems design and engineering process. There have been focused on the early design phase to guide the process from the very beginning.  It can be used for all kind of energy related systems which have the tendency to be equipped with sustainable energy sources. By using a prediction model for quantifying design decisions, it is possible to guide the design and engineering process. In this model, environmental characteristics will be combined with physics and equipment efficiency factors to generate energy source patterns.

Solar, wind, extracted and grid energy are possible to be simulated in this prediction model. Patterns of the energy sources will be compared with the system energy consumption to predict the energy balance and to estimate the need for energy storage. By using these modeling capabilities, it is possible to estimate the system decision criteria which are now of added value already from the beginning of the design process. The model is validated and is applicable during the early design phase of system design and engineering projects and innovations.


*Index terms

Systems Engineering, Energy patterns, Energy supply, Prediction of behaviour, Energy consumption, Sustainability. 




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